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Deadly Weapon - Disillusional Blurs 2013

Rabu, 27 November 2013 | 0 komentar

Band Name - Deadly Weapon
Album Title - Disillusional Blurs
Release Year - 2013
Release Labels - Rottrevore Records
Genre - Grindcore
Band From - Jogjakarta
Bit Rate - mp3@CBR320kbps
Source Audio Quality - CD Rip
Artwork Cover Incl. - Front Covers

- Track Song -

01 Last In A Miserable Home (Intro) 01:13
02 Getting Nowhere 00:42
03 Fits Of Disillusional Blurs 01:27
04 Not A Single Fuck Was Given 01:48
05 M.K.D.S. (Mati Kau Dikoyak Sepi) 02:03
06 The Leader Walked Through The Crowd 02:00
07 Corrupted 01:42
08 Breaking You 01:52
09 Remembering Never 02:27
10 Substitution For Semantically Equivalent Words 02:34
11 Pejah Gesang 01:55
12 Have Heart 02:13
13 Howl 02:52
14 New Noise (Refused Cover) 04:04
15 Rotting Away At The End Of It 01:10
16 See You In Hell 00:16

Yogyakarta Grinding Assault !!! Yeahh setelah menjadi penantian panjangnya sejak band ini terbentuk tahun 2009 lewat beberapa demo dan split, akhirnya eksistensi sadis mereka dilirik oleh Label brutal potensial terbaik Indonesia Scene, Rottrevore Records yang memberinya kesempatan memuntahkan Full album yang memuat 16 Track Super ngebut yang masih mengusung Karakter Kuat Elemen GRINDCORE dan GRINDCORE !!! ... dan Gw masih sangat teringat dengan kegarangan Swedish Grinding Sadis Nasum era album " Inhale/Exhale " dan " Human 2.0 " banget !, Crusty Grindingcore Kejam dengan Sounding yang masih membawa Karakter Swedish Sound in The Vein Old Entombed serta Dismember ! Songs will rush past you, but not without throwing a bunch of great riffs into the mix. Everything is right to the point; each song blasts away a few different riffs, with the vocals sounding just as angry and blunt as everything else here. you’ll have already heard the d-beat punk influence in their songs, as well as the band’s tasteful use of breakdowns. Not chugga-chugga breakdowns, but ones that really act as a powerful counterpoint and build up. Karakteristik Emosional Growling Vocalis Jay mengingatkan banget kepada Mendiang Almarhum Frontman Nasum, Mieszko Talarczyk yang Tewas Tahun 2004 lalu akibat serangan Bencana Tsunami di Indonesia. Swear Gempuran istimewanya terjadi hampir disetiap Komposisi track-nya, sehingga kita benar2 ga akan diberi kesempatan untuk bernafas lega sedikitpun, apalagi Distortif sound yang mendominasi hampir disetiap Karakter Musiknya. Some of the songs here especially ooze of anger, and prove to be an anger management class in themselves. The tracks are arranged in such a way that there’s a bit of catch-and-release in terms of groove and total brutality. dimulai dengan " Last in a Miserable Home (Intro) " menjadi sebuah Foreplay Track mengawali Keganasan performance mereka dengan Elemen Sound kental Gothenburg Style !! track ini lebih mengajak kita untuk headbanging sebelum mencicipi aroma dasyat Grinding Manufaktur yang menginvansi setiap jiwa lemah manusia. " Getting Nowhere " langsung membabi buta menerjang dan menyerang seperti serbuan kacaunya perang dunia ke- II. as great as some of their later works, but it is one of the most archtypical modern grind albums I can think of. It's lean and ferocious; it makes sense that it was made by only two people as it has a harsh minimalism about it that seems to make the idea of a full band composing it an impossibility. It is brackish and raw yet professional and intelligently composed, despite the natural primitivity of the style showcased on this release. Bener2 nih Deadly Weapon siap menjadi Nasum-nya Indonesia hehehe ... selain serangan bertubi tubi Grinding Snare, tentu kita masih disuguhin dengan Sentuhan Old School Hardcore serta D-Punk Beat yang seperti tak terpisahkan dengan perjalanan Genre ini. at their most primitive and purest state, and while later albums are artistically more developed and 'important', this is a very necessary component to the collection of any fan of the band or modern grind in general. Penulisan Lirik tentang ketidak puasan mereka akan Politik yang terjadi ditanah air serta kehidupan sosial menjadi Amunisi Sakti tersendiri Bagi Vocalis Jay merangkai Kebenciannya ! Most of the differences between songs are structural in nature more than by individual musical elements. Most of the riffs are rather one-size-fits-all and not especially memorable on their own. What's memorable is the particular fill that starts the song, the way a vocal rhythm bursts into a scream at the end of a phrase, general length or repetition; in short, the relationship of parts to the whole. It works like that as far as the whole album goes, really. The tracks on their own aren't very significant and only gain meaning when strung together in the larger context of the release. It's not a very metal way to write an album at all, and in general this probably isn't a 'metal album'. It is pure, modern grind. 16 Track Cukup mereka selesaikan dalam durasi total waktu 30:18 mengantarkan kita pada klimaks kehancuran moral manusia ! The trick with grindcore is to submerge yourself into the music. If you successfully manage to do so, one track will merge into the other. So, essentially, you’re listening to one long song, which could be seen as a benefit, or the total opposite. Why? Well, grindcore is something I can only listen to if I’m in a very specific mood. Basically, I must be angry. If I’m angry, Nasum are usually the band I turn to. In terms of releasing stress to, Nasum are unbeatable. But if you’re looking at grindcore to have something to feel sad to, or any other emotion other than anger, you’re in the wrong place. This will either have to moshing to your heart’s content, or it will induce a headache. The idea of grindcore is mystifying to me. I understand it’s short and sharp bursts of intense emotion, but it’s so incredibly one dimensional, it’s almost not worth it, most of the time. so tidak ada Komentar miring di album full perdana salah satu Grinder Band berpotensi asal Kota Gudeg ini untuk kalian nikmati, apalagi buat kalian Fans Die Hard Nasum, Disfear, Pig Destroyer hingga Misery Index !, This is Absolutely real for You !! Deadly Weapon are perhaps one of, if not the only grindcore band I can stomach. Whilst there isn’t much difference in terms of the irritating song lengths, there is a notable difference in portrayal and sound !!!!
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